Windows Autopilot

Introducing Autopilot and the key benefits to your organisation allowing you to streamline and simplify device deployment and management

Terra are able to offer on any Terra branded Windows Pro Operating System device Autopilot reporting giving you the benefits of being able to re Image your Terra device, Increased Productivity for your IT department, Customise the Client out of the box experience, Repurpose existing devices, Self deploy & give you greater Security and compliance.

Re-imaging a device can be a time-consuming process that most IT Heads would rather avoid if possible. Windows Autopilot resolves that issue for you, including policy configuration, app, and driver installation, as well as infrastructure management. Smart configuration is an amazing feature that helps you. Quick, easy, efficient!

Without Windows Autopilot, IT teams sometimes are faced with the painstaking task of setting up and updating devices one at a time. Manual configuration comes with delays that will prevent employees from getting to work sooner. Moreover, the time that is required to complete these tasks also means that IT departments effectively reduce their productive time.

Windows Autopilot simplifies the process of preparing devices for new users. By using Windows Autopilot Reset you can easily get a device back to a business-ready mode in preparation for a new user. Or, your organization may be giving away devices they no longer need and Windows Autopilot Reset helps you to quickly wipe those devices

Self-Deploying mode is a feature that further enhances the streamlining process. It allows new Windows devices that are pre-enrolled in the WA program to be business-ready straight off the shelf. And all this with zero-touch and no IT involvement necessary. For devices registered under this Self-Deploying mode, all you need to do is turn them on, connect to a network, and then wait. Your device is then automatically joined to your organization’s Azure AD tenant and all the provisioning is carried out


The fact that Terra provide the hardware hashes for their computers and laptops, means a seamless integration into Intune at time of purchase. This enables Iron Dome to directly ship hardware straight to our clients offices – local or international, meaning clients get their IT faster fully configured for their unique requirements. This helps us to drive down our supply and delivery costs and time required to set up large scale deployments.

Wayne Stanley

CEO, Iron Dome



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