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TERRA Computer provides a range of all-in-one PCs in all different shapes and sizes for all uses. All our products come with a 2-year warranty as standard. To see our full range of all-in-one PCs please check out the link below.

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Terra Product

TERRA 2400 All-in-one

New Release

Super stylish TERRA All-In-One-PC concept in a frameless slim design.

The TERRA AIO-PC 2400 with high-performance Intel Core i3 CPU is very elegant, quiet and thanks to Intel mobile processor technology has a lower power consumption. TERRA All-in-One PCs are perfect for all Home-Office workspaces. Together with a wireless keyboard-mouse-combination you can reach an extremely tidy workplace.

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Terra computer UK has a dedicated UK support team to promptly assist with any issues.

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Channel Integrity is at the core of our company values, we build relationships and support customers and do not deal with end users.

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At Terra Computer we offer a personalised service all customers holders have a dedicated account manager and we offer a personalised service for each customer.

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