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Terra Computer UK was founded in 2013 by Neil Jensen and Gavin Rose, Alicia Shepherd joined the management team in 2018 who between them share decades of experience in the IT industry. They became part of the Wortmann AG Group to bring high-quality IT products made in Germany to the UK channel, focussing on providing a personal service, channel integrity, and UK support. The Terra business model is built for the reseller. Since incorporation Terra Computer UK team has grown and won awards from industry leaders such as PCR in recognition of their contribution to the UK IT industry.

Part of Wortmann AG Group

Terra are part of  Wortmann AG  €1.5billion company established 32 years ago. HQ is in Germany where our state of the art Production facility is sited and where all Terra Kit is built. With sales offices across Europe the brand Terra is synonymous with Quality.

WORTMANN AG is one of the most successful independent German IT companies. As a manufacturer, distributor and Cloud Service provider our 650 employees serve more than 15,000 specialist resellers and IT providers all over Europe.

Our own TERRA brand Notebooks, Tablets, PCs, Work- stations, All-In-Ones, LCDs, Servers, Storage and ThinClients are assembled in Germany and has its own service partner network

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UK Support

Terra computer UK has a dedicated UK support team to promptly assist with any issues.

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Channel Integrity

Channel Integrity is at the core of our company values, we build relationships and support customers and do not deal with end users.

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Personal Service

At Terra Computer we offer a personalised service all customers holders have a dedicated account manager and we offer a personalised service for each customer.

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