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TERRA Tower Servers

Terra Tower servers aren’t just designed; they’re masterfully crafted to deliver powerhouse performance and versatile storage setups, all within a sleek design tailored for everything from small businesses to global enterprises. Expect nothing less than datacentre-grade reliability, ingeniously optimised for the modern office setting.

TERRA Rack Servers

Terra rack servers are the gold standard for diverse needs, from small businesses to the most demanding enterprise tasks. They don’t just provide value; they redefine it. With unmatched flexibility and the highest echelons of efficiency, they tackle the most critical requirements. And rest assured, this comes with the renowned stamp of German precision and dependability.

TERRA Storage

Experience superior data management with Terra Storage. Designed for scalability, speed, and security, our storage solutions cater to all sizes of businesses. With Terra, your data is not only secure but also accessible and efficiently managed, keeping you ahead in a data-driven world.

TERRA Management

Unlock the power of seamless integration with Terra’s Management Service. Our in-house development team collaborates closely with partner developers, ensuring that server updates are timely and efficient. With our cutting-edge remote connection capabilities, you’ll experience real-time solutions and continuous progression, keeping your operations at the pinnacle of industry standards.

What is TerraXaler?

The TerraXaler is a hyperconverged and highly available infrastructure that significantly simplifies your IT and saves costs.


The TerraXaler ensures the availability of your data synchronously on two cluster nodes, which can be placed in one room or in separate fire compartments.


In the event of a malfunction, it is possible to switch from one node to the other within milliseconds. As a result, the availability of your data is always ensured, even if a complete unit fails!

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