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TERRA displays are precisely tailored to your needs and include all formats in various sizes from the entry level to the high-end range. Available are energy-saving, environmentally friendly LED models and displays for special ergonomic requirements suitable for use in continuous operation, for the medical sector, CAD / CAM, DTP, for photography, video, image processing and multimedia functions.

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Terra Product


The high quality standard of the displays is ensured by the influence on planning and development of the panel manufacturers and component suppliers. The elegant, sleek design of the displays is designed for the taste of the European market in Germany. WORTMANN AG attaches great importance to a compliant appearance of the different models of the large product portfolio. Together with the TERRA PC systems a uniform and harmonious brand name presentation is given. TERRA displays offer the latest technologies in an elegant design and meet a high quality standard.

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Terra computer UK has a dedicated UK support team to promptly assist with any issues.

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Channel Integrity

Channel Integrity is at the core of our company values, we build relationships and support customers and do not deal with end users.

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Personal Service

At Terra Computer we offer a personalised service all customers holders have a dedicated account manager and we offer a personalised service for each customer.

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