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TERRA Distribution

Over 35 years of experience in Europe as a multiple award-winning IT Distributor

TERRA Distribution

Terra Computer Limited stands proudly as the UK arm of Wortmann AG, Europe’s largest independent IT manufacturer. With a rich legacy spanning over 35 years, Wortmann AG has etched its mark as a distinguished IT distributor and system integrator in Europe, racking up many accolades along the way. The sheer scale of our operations, reflected in our team of 650+ professionals, has propelled us past the significant €1.2 billion annual revenue mark, a testament to our long-standing partnerships. We have been able to leverage such strong partnerships to bring an array of technology to the UK market, ranging from graphics cards and motherboards to printers and IT consumables.  

Wortmann AG

Engaging with a vast network of over 10,000 resellers and dealers, Wortmann AG delivers not just components and peripherals but also a holistic suite of services bolstered by our signature TERRA brand, which encompasses tablets, notebooks, PCs, servers and more. Our unwavering commitment to product quality and service excellence ensures our partners are poised for growth, fortifying their trust in the TERRA brand as a catalyst for business advancement.

Our Vendors

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