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A PC and WORKSTATION are quite similar in shape and some technical values. The differences are in the detail!
A PC is based on the components developed and adapted for the user appropriate features, quality and price / performance ratio. The usual useful life of an ordinary PC is 60 hours a week.

WORKSTATIONS are designed according to requirements and manufactured accordingly. Through a targeted selection of very high-quality components specially designed for the areas, the user receives an optimized system tailored to his needs. The lifecycle can be significantly higher than the normal values. .

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Business PCs usually have an Office package, an ERP software and possibly a variety of multimedia files in use. It's different with a WORKSTATION.
It can be used to construct, design, render, edit images, cut films and perform very computer- intensive Processes .

Since there are specific software and hardware for these tasks, The processor and graphics card should be selected specifically.
In addition, the system must be optimized with regard to the internal transmission paths between main memory, graphics memory and hard disk memory by means of an appropriate selection of powerful components.

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