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Terra Careers

Join our dynamic, fast-paced team.

Why Join TERRA?

At Terra, we're committed to fostering a dynamic, inclusive environment where innovation flourishes. Here's why joining us is a stellar choice:
Personalised Engagement

At Terra, we prioritise individualised service, ensuring every team member plays a pivotal role in devising bespoke solutions that cater to our clients' unique requirements.

Channel Integrity

Our transparent and reliable channels underscore our commitment to nurturing long-lasting, mutually advantageous partnerships, embodying our core value of channel integrity.

UK Support

Benefit from immediate, local support complemented by global insights, ensuring smooth operations and swift resolutions, all delivered by a team that understands your needs.

Empowerment Through Flexibility

Terra offers flexible credit options, empowering both our team and resellers to navigate financial management with ease, fostering growth and expanding opportunities.

Brand Quality

Crafted with German precision, our products embody superior build quality, guaranteeing reliable performance and an extended product lifespan.

Supply Chain

Immerse yourself in an environment that takes pride in German-engineered products renowned for their exceptional build quality, guaranteeing reliability, performance, and longevity.

Available Positions

Channel Account Executive

Department: Sales team