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The Desktop PC, a forgotten star 

Stars are always in the limelight - only success and fame are important to them. Transferred to IT you could think of device classes such as netbooks - celebrated a few years ago as a star in the IT sky. Mean- while no longer found on the market. Replaced by Ultrabooks & PADs.

The desktop PC, on the other hand, continues to write modestly about its success story - for more than 30 years now. Also or maybe because in the meantime it is available in many innovative form factors.
A quarter of all TERRA desktop systems sold are no longer produced in the classic Miditower, but in small, compact micro or mini formats and in the ever-growing all-in-one PC segment.

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TERRA desktop PC

The platforms available have many advantages that hardly a mobile device can match. The systems are very individual to configure, allow ergonomic work with multiple screens, are easy to maintain and robust. In addition, there are "24-7" suitable products. In this way we offer suitable solutions for progressive digitisation.

Of course, the desktop PC is not an outstanding growth market as it was in previous years. Mobile platforms certainly have more charm for many users. But for productive work, there is nothing better than a classic PC
The dusty and antiquated desktop is not dead yet and remains a technology driver with new styles. In a still lucrative market.

However, the development of more mobile solutions and cloud products can not be stopped, but you can try to design them. And that's exactly what Wortmann AG does. Benefit from the most comprehensive portfolio in the German market at the most successful independent IT manufacturer in Europe.

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